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ELAN g! 

When running ELAN as the control system there is virtually no limit to the home's capabilities and there is the added comfort of knowing that almost every product will work with the system in the future.

The ELAN g! system gives the owners full control of a home's surveillance cameras, irrigation, pool controls, multiple climate-zones and full-fledged security systems, in addition to full audio and video coverage. Because they work through Elan g!, each subsystem can be monitored for sustainability using a detailed usage and event history.

ELAN gTP7 7-Inch Wall-mounted Touch Panel


ELAN VL10 10-inch Tabletop/Undercabinet Touch Screen

"To provide limitless options of music, the integrators built the system around streaming music services rather than traditional media formats. For example, the S1 Digital Music Streamer with over 241,000 songs allows Jagger to play his personal library along with Spotify, Pandora, Sirius, and FM stations from around the country. The new technology from S1 allows the client to attach any subscribed music service to the system with two-way feedback. The S1 Streamer combined with the ELAN g! system allows Jagger to select his favorite music from his smartphone or tablet while sitting by the pool or anywhere else in the home. An Apple TV box also allows anything to be played seamlessly through the wireless network via Airplay."